I'm just a 46 year old woman who wants to stay in shape and feel good and age well. I'm not a marathoner. I'm not a triathlete. I'm just a mom. But I love to run and workout. Not that it's always fun while I'm doing it, but I love the feeling of success after I finish. Some days it's just pure will-power to finish my run or do that lunge or push-up, but at 46, I think I am doing really well. I don't know if 45 was a good time to start barefooting it, but I was having back and knee problems and ran across the book, "Born to Run," and was inspired. So I am blogging my journey of barefoot running. Thanks for taking a look. I hope it inspires and helps someone else along the way.

pre-run yoga stretch

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Still VFF

I am still running VFF. I use the track still the most to run VFF. I have done some pavement. It's harder on me for sure. I guess it's age because my daughter runs VFF all the time anywhere and has no problems at all. So my advice would be to start now--the younger the better.

I'm getting closer to the 500 mark. I don't know what happens when I hit that mark, but it's got to be something great!

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